Luv Kush
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Spellbinding sequel to Ramayan Story of the Sons of Ram in 39 episodes.

Uttar Ramayan bags 7 awards….

"…. Teleserial Uttar Ramayan has baged seven awards of the Indian Cinegoer's Academy…."

Each of the total 8 volumes in this series  can be rented separately. Series Lock is available so that you can view the complete series over a period of time.

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for 15 days

Volume 1 This volume of Luv-Kush (Uttar Ramayan) begins with a brief overview of the 16 volumes Ramayan with commentary in English. 
Episode 1:  Shri Ram takes oath after coronation. Sita gifts jewels to Hanuman. Hanuman asks to be blessed with honor to be Shri Ram's devotee.
Episode 2:  Shri Ram goes to the city in a procession. Shri Ram pay obeisance to the statues of his ancestors and promises to follow their traditions  Manthra repents for having instigated Kaykai to send Shri Ram to forest.
Episode 3:  Brahma sends Narad to Valmiki. Garud goes to Shiva to know about Shri Ram and then goes to meet Bhushandi - the Crow.
Episode 4: Narad conveys Brahma's request to Valmiki. Killing of Kraunch inspires Valmiki to say the first verse.
Volume 2 Episode 5: Brahma inspires Valmiki to compose Ramayan. Shri Ram's daily life. Mothers ask permission to retire.
Episode 6: Shri Ram meets with his brothers. Detectives brief Shri Ram. Rishi meets Shri Ram.
Episode 7:  Rishis arrive. Bhushandi - the Crow narrates Shri Ram's childhood to Garud.
Episode 8: Shri Ram welcomes Rishis. Detectives brief Shri Ram
Episode 9: Sita is surprised to see Shri Ram in disguise. Shri Ram goes out in disguise to meet the villagers. Sita inquires from Ram.
Volume 3 Episode 10: Shri Ram seeks guidance from Guru Vashishth. Sita inquires reason for Shri Ram's anxiety.
Episode 11: Shri Ram goes before the statues of his ancestors. Sita talks with Shri Ram talk about his anxiety.
Episode 12: Sita is taken to forest. Valmiki welcomes Sita. Shri Ram sleeps on the bed of grass in his palace.
Episode 13: Sita remembers the sweetness of time spent with Shri Ram. Shri Ram's daily routine in absence of Sita. Valmiki's guidance to Sita. King Janak's visit to Ayodhya.
Episode 14: King Janak's conversation with Shri Ram.
Volume 4 Episode 15: Guru Vashishth permits Shri Ram to visit Mithila. Shri Ram meets Sita's mother. Janak's spiritual advice to Shri Ram.
Episode 16: Sumantra's revelations to Lakshman. Prediction by Sage Durvasa. Valmiki's advaice to Sita.
Episode 17: Sage Chyavan in Shri Ram's court. Shri Ram orders to kill Lavanasur. Secret weapon given to Shatrughana.
Episode 18: Shatrughana departs with army. Shatrughana stays in Valmiki's Ashram where Luv-Kush are born. Luv-Kush blessed by Shatrughana.
Episode 19: Shatrughana departs for Mathura. Lavanasur in his court.
Volume 5 Episode 20: Shatrughana meets Sage Chyavan. The story of war between Lavanasur and Mandhata.
Episode 21: Lavanasur worships the Trishul. Shatraghana kills Lavanasur. Shatrughana becomes King of Mathura.
Episode 22: Victory celebration in Ayodhya. Sita sings the lullaby. Sita and Valmiki discuss the benefit of Astrology.
Episode 23: Under water pennance by Sage Agustya. Agustya blesses Shri Ram and Lakshman.
Episode 24: The childhood of Luv-Kush. Valmiki teaches the use of arms. Sita teaches her children.
Volume 6 Episode 25: Education of Luv-Kush. Physical labor, meditation and universal brotherhood. Yagyopavit ceremony of Luv-Kush.
Episode 26: Luv-Kush sing Ramayan. Luv reacts to the insutice of Shri Ram. Shri Ram decides to perform Ashwameh yagna.
Episode 27: Proposal of second marriage of Shri Ram. Reaction of Sita. Shri Ram refuses to marry again.
Episode 28: Proposal to have golden statue of Sita. Sita repents. 
Episode 29: Luv-Kush receive divine weapons. Luv-Kush ask Sita about their father. 
Volume 7 Episode 30: Ashwamedh Yagna begins. Shatrughana leaves for conquest of world.
Episode 31: Luv-Kush catch the sacred horse of the yagna.
Episode 32: Shatrughana defeated by Luv-Kush. Shri Ram sends Lakshman for the battle.
Episode 33: Lakshman defeated. Bharat and Sugriv arrive at the battlefield. Hanuman talks to Luv-Kush.
Episode 34: Bharat and Sugriv are wounded. Shri Ram himself comes to the battlefield.
Volume 8 Episode 35: Shri Ram and Luv-Kush face each other. Valmiki intervenes. Sita reveals to Luv-Kush that Shri Ram is their father. Luv-Kush sing in Ayodhya streets.
Episode 36: Luv-Kush meet Shri Ram. Luv-Kush come to the Royal Court.
Episode 37: Luv-Kush narrate Ramayan in the Court. Shri Ram wants Sita to come to the Royal court. Sita comes to Shri Ram's Court.
Episode 38: Sita takes the vow and leaves the world with Mother Earth.
Episode 39: Luv-Kush received in the palace. Shri Ram decides to leave the world. Shri Ram adopts his original form of Vishnu and goes to his divine abode.